Research facility Frankfurt

Modern minimalistic, with an urban design throughout, you will find 570 m² in the city centre of Frankfurt, near the Hauptwache, containing five multi-functional rooms with floor-to-ceiling one-way mirrors, equipped with flexible furniture and the latest recording technology.
Floors 3/5/6 are pure research units.
Here you can research utterly discreetly and completely undisturbed.

Creative work needs space: Our partitions are flexible, and can be opened in order to create ample space for group discussions, individual discussions as well as workshops in line with your concepts.
Our food is always à la carte.
We will gladly fulfil any buffet requests due to special nutritional philosophies on request.

Professional internal recruiters, specialised and experienced, will reliably recruit your target group and meet even the most difficult quotas. Our newly founded Pharma & Health department implements health sector projects – throughout all of Germany.

quotapoint recruits physicians, pharmacists, patients as well as medical specialists, and will gladly take over the project organisation of your study. 

To the selection
6th floor workshop room
with lounge chairs and access to the roof terrace, suitable for row seating
6th floor observation room
6th floor customer lounge
with an invitation to linger and access to the roof terrace
5th floor discussion room
Suitable for small and large focus groups
5th floor observation room
with flexible partition
3rd floor group room with a living room atmosphere
for small group discussions and in-depth interviews
5th floor
5th floor
main reception
5th discussion room
5th floor observation room
with worktables
3rd floor discussion room
with the option for picture-in-picture transmission for UX tests
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