Covid-19 News

Research in line with rules of hygiene and conduct

We want our clients and our respondents to meet in a safe and research-friendly environment. A survey among our respondents has shown a continued high level of willingness to participate in face-to-face studies.

Participation in studies is voluntary and documented by means of a declaration of consent. In addition, we ask the participants to also confirm their good health in writing to the best of their knowledge and belief.

The practical furnishings in all rooms can be conveniently moved for the recommended minimum distance of 1.5m. Studies start on a staggered schedule. On request, we provide flexible Plexiglas hygiene protection in the rooms. Of course, good ventilation and a sufficient supply of disinfectant are guaranteed. At the moment, coronavirus case numbers are very low at our locations.

Our rules of conduct and hygiene as well as group size restrictions are updated weekly, based on the recommendations of the RKI, the German public health advisory body. For large groups of clients, we recommend our streaming solutions.

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