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Research Facility with a view of the Cathedral

The Cologne facility features an unmatched loft design and more than 720 m² of space, offering four multifunctional focus group units equipped with floor-to-ceiling one-way mirrors and spacious client lounges. 

Our Cologne facility is one of the most spacious locations among German market research institutes. You can expect a pleasant, creative working atmosphere including a breath-taking sun terrace with a view of the Cologne Cathedral as well as over-the-top service for you, your clients and your project.

We offer you and your clients food à la carte. We will gladly fulfil any requests to meet specific nutritional preferences.

Especially one- or multi-day workshops can be excellently realised in our spacious test facility. We can also enable you to create your individual room layout, e.g. with a living room atmosphere, sales shelves, 80 m² workshop space by opening up walls, additional comfort features according to your wishes.

The New Now: The in-house hybrid streaming system combines the benefits of face-to-face and online research. Find out more in the quotapoint digital solutions section.

Technical information on the room equipment:

  • A pivoting HD camera system with a zoom function
  • Button microphones
  • Interpreting systems
  • DVD/MP3/MP4 recordings
  • TV/DVD equipment
  • Projector
  • WiFi
  • FocusVision/in-house web streaming system
  • Innovative hybrid streaming system

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Discussion room 1
50 sqm (4th floor), with a view of the cathedral and access to the sun terrace
Discussion room 1
50 sqm (4th floor), with a view of the cathedral and access to the sun terrace
Customer lounge 1
20 sqm observation room and 20 sqm separate lounge area
Discussion room 3
35 sqm (3rd floor), suitable for IDIs and groups
Discussion room 4
45 sqm group room with flexible furniture
Discussion room 3 and 4
80 sqm discussion room with open partition wall
Discussion room 3
35 sqm (3rd floor)
Discussion room 3 and 4
80 qm Diskussionsraum mit geöffneter Trennwand
Discussion room 3
store simulation with shelves and magnetic board
IDI room
10 sqm for individual explorations
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