Technical Support 

Live in-house tech support & and respondent management

Our clients and participants receive technical support before and during the online study.

Our live in-house tech support is provided by specially trained quotapoint staff and starts with the technical respondent check-up using a test link directly before the start of the online study, i.e. a test of the platform, the Internet connection quality, and ranges from live monitoring to the final quality check of the video material before downloading or dispatching to the client.

Respondent management

The recruitment methods have been further optimised to meet the special requirements of digital studies.

Our service in the field of respondent management includes testing these criteria as well as the respondents‘ online skills.

We of course continue to recruit your target group precisely according to screener criteria, but slightly adapted basic rules apply to online respondents: Solid Internet connection, up-to-date technical equipment, very good room lighting and a quiet space in which to conduct the interview.

Our experienced project management supports you in the implementation and coordination of your study in a digital setting. Recruitment is carried out by our in-house recruiters as well as via our own recruiting channels. For online studies, we also recruit outside our catchment area.

In the case of non-tech savvy target groups, we assist respondents with the installation as well as the use of the interview platform through instructions over the telephone. We dispel reservations and encourage participation, thus ensuring a stress-free interview.

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