The Frankfurt Facility

Research Facility with dedicated research floors

With a distinguished design on 470 m² spread over three floors, the Frankfurt research facility is located near Hauptwache in the city centre. Here, you can host your studies on pure research floors, which is unique in Europe:

The facility has three floors. The 5th floor houses the office as well as the reception area. Thus, floors 3 and 6 are pure research units without disruptive office noise.

The 3rd floor features a large group discussion unit and a focus group space designed with a living room feel, which can be combined as needed by opening a flexible partition wall to create a large lounge/client space.

The 6th floor is our workshop oasis with a large associated client lounge for intensive creative work. A roof terrace is available for a little time out.

The facility is equipped with fibre-optic cable.

The New Now: The in-house hybrid streaming system combines the benefits of face-to-face and online research. Learn more at quotapoint digital solutions.

Modern minimalistic, with an urban design, equipped with flexible furniture, floor-to-ceiling one-way mirrors, and the latest recording technology.

Creative work needs space: Our partitions are flexible and can be opened in order to create ample space for group discussions, one-on-one interviews as well as workshops in line with your concepts.

Our food is always à la carte.

We will gladly fulfil any requests to meet specific nutritional preferences.

Technical information on the room equipment:

  • A pivoting HD camera system with a zoom function
  • Button microphones
  • Interpreting systems
  • DVD/MP3/MP4 recordings
  • TV/DVD equipment
  • Projector
  • WiFi
  • FocusVision/in-house web streaming system
  • Innovative hybrid streaming system

All rooms are particularly suitable for:

  • Group discussions
  • In-depth interviews/explorations
  • Workshops
  • B2B, interviews with special target groups
  • Store simulation, shelf tests
  • Product tests
  • Online surveys/CAPI4

Select here

6th floor workshop room
55 sqm workshop penthouse with a large 30 sqm customer lounge and access to the roof terrace
6th floor observation room
30 sqm lounge with access to the roof terrace
6th floor customer lounge
with lingering flair and access to the roof terrace
3rd floor focus group room
25 sqm focus group room in cozy atmosphere
Hier klicken
3rd floor observation room
15 sqm customer lounge with a flexible partition wall and a view of the creative zone
3rd floor observation room
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