Qualitative Online Research 

The “New Now” in qualitative online research

quotapoint digital solutions (qds) include digital IDIs, focus groups, client and panel communities, online diaries and online (quant) questionnaires with a virtual client space.

As part of this “New Normal”, digital qualitative market research is taking centre stage as a natural complement to face-to-face respondent surveys – in the form of in-depth interviews and focus groups – tailor-made, results-oriented and technically flawless.

Adapting established methods in the research process to a digital environment is opening up new options and allowing us to see the future of our industry. Direct exploration that includes non-verbal impressions will always be a part of the process, but now this communication is taking place online, either entirely or complementarily.

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New challenges do arise, which we will be happy to bring to your attention in advance and help you solve by providing our expertise. We will accompany you on this customer journey using our experience as a full-service provider with premium quality standards. Benefit from our many years of field service experience and in-depth industry expertise in qualitative market research.
As a leading market research service provider, we are well aware of the challenges of migrating from ”on-site” discussions to online sessions.

Digital market research combined with the benefits of classic face-to-face, IDI discussions and focus groups.

The new now: quotapoint digital solutions is now offering a novel, hybrid option for streaming interviews:

Researchers and clients can log into the interview remotely and in real time and follow IDIs or group discussions supported by high-sensitivity microphones and HD image quality. qp-branded video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Go To Meeting are used as a basis.

As a special feature with great customer benefit, virtual client rooms are available to ensure a confidential exchange during and after the discussion. The video and audio material is accessible to the client in the cloud at any time and can be exported with the help of personalised access codes.

Data security is 100% guaranteed.

Both clients and moderators can join in at any time via online connection via “Q-streaming”:

Participants in surveys continue to come to the research facility – the moderation can take place at the facility or online via a laptop connection to a large-screen monitor, depending on the client’s preference.

Large screens of over 50 inches ensure that the interaction of the group can be followed live in large format and not just on small monitor tiles.

As a result, quotapoint digital solutions guarantee qualitative market research at the usual highest level without compromise or loss of validity.

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