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Our market research facilities provide an inspiring setting for complex qualitative research projects, creative and innovative workshop formats as well as design thinking processes – for the best research results!

Located in city centres, you will find modern research facilities with spacious observation rooms in an appealing design.

Competent project coordinators will manage your study from enquiry to implementation. As a field service provider, we coordinate your market research focus groups and surveys with our partner research facilities throughout Germany.

Our in-house, full-time recruiters reliably recruit your target group and meet even the most difficult quotas.

Our Pharma & Health department manages studies focusing on healthcare throughout Germany and, in addition to recruiting e.g. doctors, patients and medical staff, also takes care of the fieldwork related to your study.

Market Research, Research Facility, Field Service, Pharma&Health Recruitment, B2B and Consumer Research

Stefanie Abele has been Managing Partner of quotapoint market research services GmbH since the beginning of 2016.

Stefanie is a graduate business lawyer. Her focus is on the expansion of special and general services in the field of face-to-face research at the research facility, digital qualitative research via streaming platforms, Germany-wide field services as well as innovations in the pharmaceutical & health sector.

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